The Copperhead Loop 276 & Motorcycle Waterfall Riding Tours

The Coppperhead Loop starts at the intersection of US Hwy 276, NC Rte. 280 and US Hwy 64 in Pisgah Forest, NC. We recommend that you start the Copperhead Loop in Pisgah Forest traveling north on US 276.

As with its namesake, the Copperhead demands respect. While you may not be facing a dragon, a rattler or a diamondback, the Copperhead can inflict a nasty bite if not given due caution. Compared to other popular roads in the area, The Copperhead offers many of the same thrills yet so much more. This loop offers technical curves to test even the most experienced rider, as well as relaxing sweeping turns and rapid elevation changes.

The entire Copperhead Loop route is just a bit over 77 miles, which is an easy afternoon jaunt for most riders. However, to get the most out of your experience, we recommend that you plan to spend at least half a day or more exploring the various Points of Interest along the way. These are noted on the route ride map page and from our ad sponsors.

Hot Springs North Carolina

Hot Springs North Carolina

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