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The main motorycle ride of the Pineola Python 181 runs from Linville North Carolina to Morganton North Carolina and back up the mountain. The Pineola Python 181 motorcycle ride has 185 curves, 76 miles of twists and turns, passing lanes going north or south on the highway, the Brown Mountain Lights Overlook, several off road pull offs, waterfall hikes, back country campgrounds sites, gas stations, restaurants, RV campgorunds, live music and more. The Pineola Python boasts a kick butt ride, and elevation chnage of over 2000 feet and beautiful mountain landscapes and views no matter what season.

“Water Mocasin” – Motorcycle Map

When creating the The PineolePython181.com I wanted to crossover a few more close rides by making a loop. This motorcycle ride is called the Pthyon Squeeze which starts off down the mountain like the original Pineola Python 181 but heads west towards Lake James and back up 221 and 19E passing the sister restaurant of Highlanders Pub and Grill; the southern cooking Elk River Depot with a variety of choices, pizza, indoor and outdoor dining. Then heads back on the Heaton curvy river road towards Banner Elk and back up the mountain to Tyncastle where you started. Whether your on the orginal or the squeeze this rides has the most restaurants, bars, views and curves all wrapped into one ride. great motorycle ride.

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